It is so hard to put on paper what influences and motivates us as human beings, because what is true today may become obsolete tomorrow.

Change and death seem to be the only constant elements that follow us through our lives, and it this which perhaps has the greatest influence on my work. Birth, death and the intervening process of decay, hold a fascination for me. Shapes which merge from one into another with such fluidity like fish into leaves to the ribs in the hull of a boat. It is what the shamans call shape-shifting. Everything is interconnected. Observing and recording the natural world, be it the west coast of Ireland or the South African bush, suggest distinct organic forms, so nature plays its part in my work but equally the dome and minaret of a mosque or the intertwining arches of Gaudi’s church “La Sacrada Familia” in Barcelona, remind me of the backbone of a halibut fish, or branches of a tree.

I mostly use stoneware and either use the coil or slab method to create my pieces. Texture is as important as the glaze and shape, and as some chairs invite you to sit down, my sculptures hopefully invite the viewer to pick them up.